Young Dro - Elevators Lyrics

And all we do
and I had to go back to the streets you know
yeah check this Gucci foot ballin, hoes tryin to tackle
bitch the same no man purse, this a problem schedule
I'm walking through the pass of guard capture me on fracture
the mildly got me rolling like the ex of all natural
I didn't have a condo, and I didn't had a castle
but none of that shit it filled my stomach of this life..
the same bank here born homes little rescue
when I'm win I'ma winnin to country I was still fragile
out to everybody he the most hated
really with the lyrics shorty he the most greatest
I saw many club man you was so faded
you damn right I was but I bet you won't play it
you say you got a glock forty I got a glock 80
and everything on your ass can get dislocated
I got cope by the state now probated
you see my chance is really slim so I'm so shaded roll, true

You will gonna be a cut in two
runnin down your own thug have game in life
you have game in life BB Jane
me in my brain BB Jane

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