Young Dro - Dem Racks Lyrics

Young nigga player man I get it by the pound
Wheel of fortune, you can buy like a noun
Calico shit, shoot 99 rounds
Make a fat bitch loose 99 pounds
Gangsta, when I ride body bow down
Wake on city, bitch call them bout town
Force bullshit, go, I am not down
When you get...up I am not around
Look, make sure you dead and your body not found
A perfect, forensic scene working, they lying there
Bleach, cover that surface, looking
I’m the motherfucker that be motherfucking murk you
And you ain’t in the trap, you ain’t motherfucking working
Ok, I’m polo, ken, tucky, derby,
Look, tron, I am so, worthy
Get dem racks

And you know I got dem racks,
Hey, you know I got a sack,
You know I got dem racks.

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