Young Cypher - Rain Lyrics

All I can say is I apologize
I told you I was better than them other guys
I know you thinking nah, it’s another lie
But it’s the situation
I mean like I’m a good dude
I ain’t mean to make a bad move
When the situation, I ain’t wanna lose
The fussing turned to fighting, I ain’t wanna bruise
From you swinging on me
I mean these other girls are hitting on me
That’s the only time I’m hitting back
I guess you found out I was hitting that
She want a slave but I was whipping that
But won’t lick in that
Was pushed away, so I’m blaming you
Then I met her, what was I to do
At least I kept it real, and didn’t lie to you
Well maybe just a little
But when it came back,
It was real no riddles no fairy tales
Can’t see you coming down my eyes
Shit turnt up situation mommy
I make the song cry
She know she see it crying
To have her understand it
So I let her hear the song cry
You ain’t gotta cry me though

Ah, now she crying on me screaming
Why you lying on me
I’m never lying on you, know though I be crying on you
I mean I did it, cause you pushed me far away
And I told you, you would never change in a day
Now that day is gone, it’s a new day so I moved on
But I feel for you, you stay yeah I feel on
But now I got your raining all on me, tear drops
And this shit sucks,
Blow pops, cause I feel bad, and you feel sad
I could feel your heart banging on me red flag
Now I’m feeling like a bad boy didy style
No cigarette, just a blackened...
Just to calm my nerves
Have a talk with you, I could chill for a minute
Have a walk with you
But in the rain you feel pain and you don’t need more
I wish I could stop it
I made the rain pour.

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