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Dj Khaled - I Did It For My Dawgz Lyrics

[Intro: Rick Ross] + (DJ Khaled)Ricky Rozay (We the Best)French Montana (Nino! DJ Khaled)(Y.M.C.M.B., this for my dogs... for my dogs)[Chorus: repeat 2X]I did it for my dogs (I did it for my dogs) {*4X*}Oh Lord!{Maybach Music}[Rick Ross]Hundred in the mula got more diamonds than a jewelerTop down on the car, might be ridin with a shooterNigga down to do ya, I ain't fuckin with a curl barNickle plated Ruger have you in a box on WorldStarDuck nigga, duck niggaDuck nigga, duck nigga where I'm from you called a fuck niggaPistol in the freezer, spend a kilo on the visaCourtside SportsCenter, I can make you a believer (swish)Everybody goin broke, keep it real you gotta fight itHundred kilos in the Beemer, boy don't make me get excitedCouple milli' on the neck like I'm tryin to get indictedGot a mansion, got a yacht, bad bitch and a tigerUgh~! Real niggaz takin over televisionsDope boys riding in a new set of Benzes+Hot Boy+, young boy, still +On Fire+What's a death sentence cause we all gotta die[Chorus][Meek Mill]Nino! Sittin on them M's, man shit is gettin realerRicky Diesel got my hood lookin like scrillaBuyin all these foreigns I be in and out the dealerJust to let my niggaz hold on when they rollin, it could kill 'emAnd these suckaer, I dont feel 'em; I dont even see 'emI'ma die fly, rest in peace AaliyahHalf my dogs dead, the rest of them is hereIf all your jewels fake, how the fuck we gon' believe ya?Said I did it for my dogs, did it for my dogsE'rybody ridin 'til you seen 'em in the morgueStarted with a body now I'm sittin in a PorscheWith the shooters right behind me shit you lookin at a bossRose gold Roley on my wrist, flawless!Hundred bottles send 'em to the VIP, ballinBasketball leather in the Benz, SpaldingY'all niggaz talkin, fuck is y'all retarded?[Chorus] - 1/2[French Montana]I did it for my dogsDid it for them niggaz with a vision like a bossDid it for them niggaz in the kitchen with the saltNow I'm in that white thing, 500 horses for my niggaz in the coffinBut got bikes in my hand and a drop head RoleyStaring at the ceiling when I wake up in the morninMy dog doin life, try to see him 'fore he hit the coffinPlayin with my paper, run up in your officesIt's the oh-twelve Ice Cube nigga with the Raider hatA maniac nigga, where the paper at?Highway to life, need a hundred mill' exitFifty on the wrist, hundred on the necklace[Chorus] - 1/2[Jadakiss]AH_HAH~! Yeah, yeah yeah yeahYo - watch who you drinkin with, watch who you smokin withOne point seven in my safe when I open it (cash)If I put seven in ya face, will I open it?And I know tomorrow ain't promised but I hope it isLove to get acquainted with you, stay and tear the jail upDid it for my dogs, so I had to put the bails upGet them thangs off so I haven't put the scales upTreat you like a pit, get your ears and ya tail cutChopper still hot, you can hold it for yourselfVersace, same buckle on the loafers and the beltYeah them pills is flyin but the smokers is somethin elseIf the spot catch fire, the coke'll just really meltThe dough got 'em bringin in the broadsObvious the flow got 'em screamin for the LordIf there's money on your head, what you think is the reward?I ain't do it for myself, you know who I did it for?[Rick Ross]I did it for my dogs (I did it for my dogs)Oh Lord!

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