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MAKEBA MOONCYCLE - Presenting ('i Present M.e.' Premix) Lyrics

Presenting ('i Present M.e.' Premix) / Makeba Mooncycle[Makeba Mooncycle]I was scorched by fire, purified by the flamesStepped into the arena, lead by painIt's insane I present me, but nobody knowsGave the power of life to a tree, so anything goesDon't underestimate my condition, and before my predictionGave birth to a prince, overstand my accentNamed my seed Jihad, prepared him for warHolier than me, he's the leader of the coreThe war's long been awaited, highly segregatedWho's got the front line, I'm ready to take mineProtecting my seeds like I'm a TerminatorCall me, Queen Destructor, MC regulatorSee the world so unknown, you don't even know the halfLessons are given to living, still don't do the mathSometimes I feel shit, I give myself so muchFalling from grace, to lose Midas touchIt's so easy to be evil, with savages riding meLike Joker said, 'get this devil up out of me'[Chorus 3X: Makeba Mooncycle]I present me, and what they gonna give meThey wanna keep me, and lock me down[Makeba Mooncycle]The reiteration from my tongue and show me to be the Lunar oneSo call me my golden child, on time like a sundialA place has been chosen, for which I am seededThree hundred sixty degrees, then I get heatedYes it's the Moon, illuminate your doomGive off light when detected, like body armor, I'm protectedThe birth of a star, reflects on my SunNow bow your head to the chosen oneReflection of knowledge, just displays my wisdomPutting heads to bed, on the clef of my bossomThose who oppose, me sware, cuz they tryTrying to get off, when you had no alibiFuck up contagious, like a sky, clear ya third eyeYes the Trinity will elevate your mentalIlluminating all causes with the stroke of my pencilHow to say it, chipped out what you wishBecause it's a ride, doesn't make it a tripUse choice words for your phrases, cuz after writing scrolls of pagesThrough all my stages, to receive praises, blessed by sagesMy weight speaks in tongue, bows out the Moon to uplift my Sun....[Chorus 6X]

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