Myah J - I'm Myah J Lyrics

They see I shine like diamond now bitch I'm Myah J
They see I shine like dreamer now bitch I'm Myah J
they see I shine like Nicky now bitch I'm Myah J
oh oh oh I'm Myah J, now bitch I'm Myah J,
they see I shine like longer now bitch I'm Myah J
they see I shine like her now bitch I'm Myah J
I'm Myah J, now bitch I'm Myah J
all day every day bitch I'm Myah J

Rounding round and I'm shining
they prepare me to diamond
no ass bow but I'm buy dough when I eat that bitch I'm ridin
damp again bust up Michelle to fridge down just you walk up
spit 16 OB execution get chocked up
bad bitches they good good
five hot but I'm still hood
that mean I cut checked in
check check your ass more check in the field hood
make moves with the D boy drop em off spit the D coy
get em up for the dough for sure get it more
if you gotta go blue ..boy
all day I stay turned up
take the kids you want turned up
don't care don't care competition get burned up
female on my level sorry somebody lied
might they hot just like they sip my bitch between my..


Don't get sweater just hurt
now it sound it like her, what?
don't get too up 'cause I break you down
then puff the bitch and occur
junk street, bright street me and her put on one beat
all I need is that brand achieve now eat that beat punch me
Quincy mill them see in the crowd fits me look how I wear it
diamonds or girls best friend, if you're talking carry
that golds of bama they smoke dough
got gold of..they cut dough
got gold of DC they love all
got golds of Detroit what up bitch
what up dough
bad chick with a better chick and you mad 'cause I'm the baddest
I don't know man hoe, what you're sayin hoe
brook my ass pathetic
you in the street and I'm in the street
don't need the mike don't need a beat
you washed up and I have been
if I'm Micky then you a queen B


Let me see
in case you missed it
I'm Myah J
that means that..the chick to another chick
because you ain't got nobody else to compare too
she doing her thing I'm doing my thing and they doing their thing
and we don't sound nothing like
'cause at the end of the day guess what
I'm Myah J

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