Obama-Romney - Rap Battle Lyrics

Hello America, my name is Mitt Romney
The 22th republican presidential nominee
Surprise I can rap and it gets even better
Cause I took my name and rearranged the letters, check it
I’m a man of faith, big part of my identity
I’m representity, I’m a mormentity
I look presidential, white teeth, strong chin and grey hair
Please note my trim
Time have been ... but I’ma change ...so huge
It’s like I got enormity, trademark
A leadership switch should be timely
Obama is a failure and a wash out, I’m not, try me

My aim was a style that’s totally lame about
But then you went the flame route and called my name out
Mitt you should have known this
It’s a mistake to mock Barrack because I torment my opponents
Have I danged your mother, certainly
And I’ll so till the end of time
Call it that a momternity
You’d be a fool to match wits with me
Ain’t that right tiny emo mr t
I pity the fool, I pity the fool

You used the letters in my own name against me?
Damn you
Why don’t we see what your name anagram do
This means you’re brainless as a scarecrow
Cause I got flavor like a babka
Power like a camaro, I’m a lyrical commando
It’s easy as abc to see my aka should be Rambo
I make you sob along with your whole ham
When I slam your dog bo with a car, kabam

I won’t let this nob take my job
But I will leave you shaking in ... like a maraca kebab
Don’t show me your diploma,
Cause I can tell you got a ba
But in your case it’s short for back aroma
You stanking ass for a whack of term
You white gob pachyderm
A elephant president no way hose
The tasking ... oh ok
Well I get Tim Pawlenty, oh he’s a wimpy talent
And Rick Santorum, bird brain stork cranium
What about Michelle Bachman, minessota belch machine
Newt Gringrich I mean who let that Grinch get away
Well if Herman Cain my dog, I done that canine harm
Rick Perry I irk it, pre making him cry
Jon huntsman can give me an hj on my nuts
And Ron can lick my pauls
That’s an oral pun
I’ll win the elections, no I’m gonna win
Are you sure of that power,
Oh are you sure of that m’am
This is my America, bro!

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