The Evidence - Excuse Me Lyrics

You’ve figured me out now, hope you guessed my name
The burning one, the first-born son, the burden of the blame
So watch me fall with cindered pride and you can hate whatever I decide
No matter how badly it all goes, you can give me a million “I-told-you-so”s

Why would I try to make myself happy, when instead I could make you hurt?
Why would I sleep beneath the stars, when instead I could nap in the dirt?

Keep saying I’m nothing and I may begin to think you right
‘Cause once fallen is always fallen and the pavement looks hard tonight

So I’ll sulk in the basement, breathing in brimstone and ash
Looking for salvation, improving my station by rooting ‘round through your trash
Maybe I’ll regret every choice I’ve made, but the truth for the truth is an honest trade
So I lie awake with a worried mind, thinking of all the answers I hope you’ll find

But you never get something for nothing, now do ya?

Why would I reach for my dreams now, when instead I could dig through the mud?
Why would I swim down in the ocean, when instead I could drown in the flood?

My exile is complete, horns and cloven feet

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