Styles P - The Myth Lyrics

Cocaine cowboy, heroine Indians
Drug dealers fly but you probably put the Fendi in
I'm in the condo, on a Louis couch
New York fly nigger, California...
Mobster, knew I got the.. out
Cops come, you don't even put the doobie on
From a block them niggers make a movie out
Everybody fly like...
Cheat up, know what you're out for
I get high around the... to the outlaws
Broke right here and load the South core
Get off the ...
How I know, send the different scout y'all
Try to figure how the cat got the mouse on
Try to figure how the dog got the cat on
From the hood where he let it go..
we ain't science,. simple man
Take the.. you got the...
Check the spot whatever to connect the...
Check the credit, homie to fuck an...

Smoke great, at the table backing up snowflakes
Now I'm mend on my waist, but I don't feel so safe
Cause a lot of niggers is... face
I mean two face, bitches get...
I don't stay in the spot, unless the moon straight
I rather be mad high in my new place
I rather be mad high in my old place
One day if the .. gets whit light cold gates
A lot of dollar bills can't fall straight
Cause the.. told you that the blood is thick
You went away, you gonna hear the clock tick
God bless us ignorant and obnoxious

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