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Styles P - Thru The Strugle Lyrics

Yeah nigga
Life is that shit
Feeling good yeah, hey

I used to have a little when I was little
rock in the hard place, stop between the middle
couldn't figure without, life is like a bitter
or maybe it's some possum or maybe is the weed
and the liquor that I guz em I got a nigga trouble
I'm like a little kid I just wanna play with bubbles
bubble with, bubble ass blowin on some bubble cush
layin in the bubble back
air bag shuffle in the duffle back
main bring bells and he spot that I hustle that
but I'm grown now nigga have enough of that
but tell me there is money there
fuck it I'm the double back

I see struggle, I see hope
seeing lot of money and..more
..yeah have you ground for my
have it my dear
smoke the cush and the finest women yeah
jet life in the flight limits,
yeah the whole one in the night fin in
still winnin I made it thru the struggle yeah

I smoke joints till they..so don't pass me shit
they run to see me dead than then look at me rich
but I can't quit addicted to digests
..and flippers cash get us have a shift us
..time for that shifment..attacking mermades they swimming
ran track life be the ..amazed they swimming
sunset at the lake like Monnet painted that picture
carefree livin in the mist of this discontinue this paper mission
I mean grind moe stack in dollars changes time on
no battery seetin them Rolex watch
is just hide up..the boss club and rockets on my pocket
rockets on my drive way
wait them for me and my partner


Going to November I'll be back on my birthday
I can remember why I left in the first place
possession of a pistol was my first case
still possessing a pistol 'cause I'll be in the worst place
first I had a gun 'cause I wasn't getting money
now I got a gun 'cause I stay in money
partest nigga can't..nobody is trippin from me
is SP ..from the hot bars catch me in the cush..
the store car wash
thinking on my nigga on my ..or the way rack
homie taking back seat stayin upon your work out
I'm on with the A back
super hero niggas in the street on the K back
now nigga play the ..'cause the after mike age
but the party ain't..cold word


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