Styles P - Black Diamond Lyrics

So more or less, you know what I mean
we have to go to Kali
we gotta take a trip over LA
and do some work, work on the album
top five dead or alive
and my whole time on the plane
I just like it

After we get the work and before we get the work done
this man the toy that I bring my man there, fear facts
that's all is on my mind we got it here fear fact
I don't care if it's one day after the studio
or before we go to the studio
we got it here facts
'cause we gotta go to the diamonds supply
'cause that's what's hit right now
and once we got the fear facts
I've seen rock
and let us go on the back where the envitory is
just get big brown bags and get right
I was feelin so fresh I went back the next day
they wouldn't let me spend a dime
they wouldn't let me buy a lunch
they wouldn't let me do nothing
they just say go ahead go get anything you wanna get
if this ain't the fucking diamond life, what is?

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