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TYGA - Riot ft Honey Cocaine Lyrics

AH, yeah, fuck that fuck shit pay me
roomers come and go so I stay in the room presidential lately
top of the roof my niggas start hatin
talk that shit I ain't for the bakin
man I swear the gang got so claque akin
what a new crib your bitch says faces hot hot
riot to the mob fuckin money
man I switch in it about nothing, yeah
why you niggas ballin in the budget boy
don't get close up press that button mother fucker
losin nigga rough up, baby roughin
niggas washed up start scrubbin scrubbin
nigga get two cover and some problems you are unlucky mother fucking
don't be fucking with a young nigga
that's T many, one fucking problem
welly monster need that doctor I'm the sickest nigga body
no..just the silence on the season be 90
kill yourself like you in college
that's finals cocky

Bitch don't fight it if I ain't turn in violence
cash money party guess you broke nigga been invited
got a bad bitch ride it,
she dumb but she get knowledge
I aint' kind of be bobbin but my personality vibring
I'm in love with nobody white bitches they hottest
half above my crutch I'm the shit need to party
she love she love with me unlike them other niggas I got it
T loty doti welcome to my house party

Fuck nigga get your benz up
Fuck nigga get your benz up
Fuck nigga get your benz up
we getting money we turned up
Fuck nigga get your benz up, (bitch)
Fuck nigga get your benz up
Fuck nigga get your benz up
we getting money we turned up

Yellow bitch and I got this sist
the black market and I'm shopping ah
last kings and we're bossing
well I'm the first queen of no option
I heard they hatin I don't give a fuck
tell em they fuckin and suckin my con
bitch get some dick and you're doing too much
I'm getting money and enough and enough yeah
getting rich up, money perfect picture
oh no I ain't missing that the studio what your ninja
top of name I bis her
kill you bitch you're gonna miss her
bring that body and shoppin now
I stack off and fit her oh
if you no home bring you're the zone get
get two in your crew and you alone
I give a fuck I take no breaks
body or hoe I put in her place
and I'm out, out that try it that your house
young dough Asian and then I know I'm bout bitch


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