TYGA - Ayye Bitch Lyrics

Ayye, bitch, Tyra,
Bad bitch, fuck her better with the lights on,
Make a cycle with that pussy, she don’t mind at all,
On me half, on alley, now, tell her fuck big sean.
Psycho, mic on, niggers don’t like no nigger getting money,
Want me dead like Castro.
Yampro on my lap, they go youngers to my odd flow,
Top flow telescope, watch your aunt die slow.
Fire flow, animal, cooking eating rookie, I’m Jeronimo,
The diabolical, carnival, fuck with this shit, now I got hollitos
Hall atrocious, I’m the dope shit, nigger, you ain’t notice?

Drive one fifty on the yard,
Master in the massacre, the eyes killed the watch
Fucking two bitches while my other bitch watch,
My cassido bitch in London, she speak so posh.

Nigger is that team nod,
Nigger is that whoo-hosh
Fuck the whole crew, not a whole too lot,
These days too many lines, too many rhymes,
Cashing out, getting mine, motherfucker, then I’m out.

Well done.

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