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lil eddie - Take It Like A Man Lyrics

Why did you kiss me, your lips..
why did you say if you didn't feel
so taking my heart and want it to be yeah

Said today all alone
got me listening you got this
stop in the bed you left me
be like a prisoner love the way
I wanna rip my heart out my chest
who is burning like a cigarette
what a trap dance so bad
be up my love like I'm punching back back back

Pre Chorus:
You just made me my shitness
can't believe I'm trippin trippin on my ex
7 me to get it, get a little weavin
you give me dirty, you give me dirty
play me for another chick
I took a play this game play at your own risk
then just a mother pays back a bitch
give me dirty, give me dirty yeah

This means war I shouldn't never fire all
how you gonna drop upon on me
You're gonna have to see me again
take take take it like a man
we can never ever be friends
consider me a stranger all over again
take take take it like a man

So man I had to skip ..
back on trap get getting back to me I'm gonna fly
another you my miss, all the lies and bullshit
and I hope it hit you like I miss you
I'm gonna love you more than I do

[Pre Chorus:]

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