News - The Veronicas will definitely break your heart with this one: Runaways

Read the lyrics here Runaways.

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Do you guys remember Estella, from Dickens' Great Expectations? That was all I could think about when listening to this song. These girls really are heartbreak material. And I'm not even talking about that kind of Del Shannon runaways. They won't be strolling around town, breaking hearts while incognito. They're up and running, they're face-to-face with it. The power that's vibrating from this song really says "stay away" to those boys that are eager to wager their hearts.

The twin duo went a whole way to launch their newest album, that's been announced sometime last year. It's finally coming out of the closet, and it's described as "Uncensored", so can't wait to peel my ears to that.

We've linked you to Cruel, which has to be our no.1 favorite from them. We can't wait for Runaways to get a video. Until then, all we have is the song and the lyrics which we're inviting you to check out. Cheers!