News - LVNDSCAPE and Holland Park are the way home to musical bliss: Waterfalls

Read the lyrics here Waterfalls.
You'll never be asking who Nico Santos is from this moment on. Of course you've heard LVNDSCAPE before, these house producers with their nifty latin... well, it's not latin, 'cause it's supposed to be read A in this case. This is them right here. Be sure to stay ahead of their videos by subscribing to them on soundcloud, where the songs are out a month before the video is.

Holland Park, who's also contributed to the beats and to the cover image we've laid down on you, are to be leaving some waterfalls in your eyes over here.

The video's something you shouldn't miss. That girl that's maroon in nature land is someone who'll make you wanna buy a new graphics card, just so you can watch her take off her blouse in 2048p, at 02:58.

Her white shirt got wet when she came too close to the waterfall... I'm serious, what? You guys don't believe me? Just watch:

And don't forget to share the lyrics! They're the only ones on the internet, for crying out loud.