News - Getting motivated a problem? Not anymore. Mac Lethal on that cutting edge inspiration

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Mac Lethal letting us know in his newest, "Fire Breather", that time's a wastin'. What are we missing on?

The moment we stop keeping our head in the game, competition rears its ugly head, and we get ghosted by the next guy. Want some motivation? This is the strongest package!

"The Xanax, the painkillers, the pot you indulge in (instead of using it as a tool to open your mind)" goes my man Mac Lethal. Check it out, and stop letting those children in Africa die (a bit of the ole' Mac humor, of course). How to do that, you ask? Well, click on here, you banana eater, and go visit your lady with a real pair of balls after you've listened to this song and hummed it in your mind a couple of times. Go do what's best for humanity, and start that by getting the worst out of you. Check it out: