News - Newest Benny Benassi single: Even If (ft. female singer Vassy) 2016

Read the lyrics here Even If.

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"Even if the seasons turn to black
Even if the ground will start to crack
Nothing in this world will hold me back
until you're next to me"

...goes the second half of this wonderful electro mix brought to us by Italian house producer and Vassy, known for her collaborations with Tiesto, David Guetta, Showtek, and many others.

I listed some of Benny's latest songs, in case somebody didn't quite make that step forward after "Satisfaction". That was a really satisfactory step, but came in a period when our moms didn't let us watch porn, so maybe you guys had MTV banned for a week or so, or a parent master password was implemented, or whatnot. You can definitely catch up on that (and many other songs) here.