News - Justin Bieber's newest song, 2016, not a rendition of The Jackson 5's I'll Be There

Read the lyrics here I'll Be There.

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Major hottie Justin Bieber's got another song out, and with each song he releases I can't stop thinking that, having read the lyrics to the song firsthand, I could have sworn it's going to be shit. I can't even say that the beat and the intense instrumental madness is what's turning what seemed to be a shitty song into a hit. It's the way he pronounces the words, the way he puts them in scene, like the little actors his words are. It's brilliant, you should really start to read his lyrics before actually listening to the song.

Although he DOES have a cover of The Jackson 5's I'll Be There, from 2011, back when his beard still had hopes of growing, this isn't it. This is a seriously hot spine shivering song.

It's supposed to be a demo, so no actual video will be available, and for those that wanted to add the song to their iTunes museum: fuck off! Justin hates museums.

The song's leaked, and you can listen to it here, baby: