News - Danish singer Medina's third English album, We Survive

Read the lyrics here We Survive.

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We Survive, the eponymous song of the album, is a catchy pop song that proves this Danish artist's outstanding vocal abilities all the more, because it's sung in English, which is not Medina's first language. This is her third English album, so she had some practice, but there honestly hasn't been any slip-up. We hold firmly that you'll find each and every song off this album subtly tuned for the picky listener's ear.

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1. Runnin Out of Love
2. We Survive
3. Someone New
4. Jealousy
5. Good Enough
6. Let Go
7. For U
8. Liquid Courage
9. Young in Love
10. By Your Side
11. Grass
12. Karma’s a Bitch
13. Walking Mistake