News - New songs by Becky J. If you thought her latter were good, take a look at Good At It and The Lights

Read the lyrics here The Lights.

Other great songs :
- complete lyrics for Jury;
- complete lyrics for You Love It;
- complete lyrics for Break A Sweat;
The Lights offers us a time dependent stress inhabited life where friends aren't really all that present anymore, where you can only sigh and wish the old clique was back in the shape it used to be in, that the road to money and fame wasn't really a fast descending slope that can't suffer any brakes or pit stops. The third verse, the one where Becky's rapping, is the best one I've heard from her since Dodger Blue, that, again, wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

Good At It gives us the same feel, something of a chill club banger, those "he need it cuz I'm good at it" sung in a really shrill voice could really get any party started. Check out the lyrics and the youtube link for Good At It here