News - A deep house song that'll reignite the summer flames in your heart: D!ablo - Hold My Love

Read the lyrics here Hold My Love.
This German band, composed by Robert Fiedler and Sebastian Schöneich, will have been a blast in the summer. For those who are really "meh" about winter, they could still stand to win some sort of musical leverage, as their unaltered voices and tropical synths are something really chin moving and foot stomping.

Although they have had other songs (see their soundcloud for more songs), this is their very first video, brought to us by AirwaveMusicTV, a.k.a. Strangers Boy's Deep.

=> D!avolo

A special thanks goes to Connor Duermit for the vocals. He's been covering a ton of good songs over on youtube. You have links to all that on his Instagram. Great Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa cover.

=> Connor Duermit