News - New Year's Eve brings Cole Swindell a reason to release a new single: You Should Be Here

Read the lyrics here You Should Be Here.

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I honestly think that this kind of heart breaking remorseful songs can only appear at a crossing. It can be any kind of crossing, and for Cole it's surely the holidays and New Year's Eve. It's going somewhere without the person you love for Cole, and we honestly understand his need for a song that goes in this direction. It's none of those George Michael Christmas songs, though you could say we're talking about the same kinda "crossing songs".

This song, "You Should Be Here", shows how people get shacken like in a giant strainer each year, and they're getting shown what they should be grateful for and what they should regret. If you take a picture of the room you're in during New Years Eve and then compare it with the one from last year, you can clearly see who's there and who isn't. How many friends changed, how many got lost along the way. It's exactly what this song's all about. Check it out right here, and give us some intel about it, how it felt, what it stirred inside you, over our facebook page: