News - Delta Goodrem portraying a very mature love in Leave You With Love

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This Australian singer and actress you may know from her portrayal of Nina in the soap opera Neighbours has just released a new song that's called "Leave You With Love". It's a very Leann Rhymes / Lene Marlin - esque song, and the reason we're saying this is because you don't really have the pure melancholic song anymore, do you?

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A sad song's either gotta have a compilation of lovers wrecking each other's houses (you remember that Taking Back My Love song, by Enrique and Ciara, don't you?), or a sound that's too bouncy that the sadness really wears off after the first few beats.

That's kinda egotistic of the artists, giving us songs that will sooner scrub our sadness away than leave us to our remorseful selves. There's beauty in melancholy, and there's altruism in melancholy. What this song's basically saying is "I'll leave me a happy, loving picture of you in my head, instead of painting it all muddy just so I could feel better". It's that you over me that really gets to your inner romantic, isn't it?