News - Anastacia's newest song, Army Of Me, written by Christina Aguilera, signed with Sony, is a blast

Read the lyrics here Army Of Me.

Other great songs :
- complete lyrics for Staring at the Sun;
- complete lyrics for Oncoming Train;
- complete lyrics for I Don't Whant To Be The One;
Cannot put in words what this 9 years gap has meant to real Anastacia fans. Tears in your eyes just by remembering that voice that "brought a fairy tale our way". It was indeed a "fantasy without meaning", this time we've waited for Ultimate Collection (2015), this compilation of Anastacia songs that brought us, amazingly, two new songs:

- Army Of Me, a wonder of a song, filled with that prayer (that, by the way, we never thought was subsequent to such a powerful woman's name) and strength that Anastacia always infused us with. "1000 faces of me", rising up, that's what she threatens each and everyone who stands in her path;

- Take This Chance, a song that got a video back in October; fears, threats, uncertainties, left in the rearview, basically.

Having jumped back into the arms of Sony Music Entertainment, the artist revives some old songs off her earlier albums:

- Not That Kind (2000)
- Freak of Nature (2001)
- Anastacia (2004)
- Pieces of a Dream (2005)
- It's a Man's World (2012)
- Resurrection (2014)

Totally new song from the artist that baffled us in the 2000s with Left Outside Alone, Paid My Dues and Sick And Tired. The song's in a facebook comment, at the bottom of the page. Be sure to share the whole page, if you're kind enough to do it, because that way the page will get attention, and not the actual song link. If the song link would be first in google, then copyright issues would be a problem between you and her marvelous voice.

PS: Anyone remember who Sarah Forest, auditioning for Holly, was? Comments on our facebook page, here.