News - A video for Elijah Blake's Fading is out. New info on album download and more

Read the lyrics here Shadows & Diamonds.

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This fata morgana Elijah Blake's giving us a glimpse of has probably haunted many men's dreary cannibalistic nights. This fading metaphor we find so melodically in tune with our heart's chords in Elijah's song reminds me of a story I once heard

A man from a desert tribe had a dream one night, and he saw a girl, marvelous, luscious, running from him in the night; he follows her in his dream, and finds that she entered a city with curvy roads that dabbed and shivered behind every house; as he woke up, the man found that every man from his wandering group had the exact same dream, but whence they found themselves inside the ghost town, the stories started diverging; "the girl turned left here", said one, "no, for me she turned right", said another; they decided to end the feud and build this town just as they all dreamt it, and see where all the lefts and rights down the curvy roads between the houses would converge; that's where they thought the mystery girl would be.

Has Elijah Blake found his mystery girl down the narrow path to insanity? Check out his new video, directed by Def Jam Recordings, and be sure to check out the lyrics for the song on the top of this page. "Shadows & Diamonds", his newest album, is out, and you can link to it, download it and whatever, here.