News - Chris Echols hitting us with some 4Play, fresh from Big Ole Me

Read the lyrics here 4Play.

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See, Chris never was the kind to talk about foreplay when he was talking about foreplay. Oh no! Chris goes all the way to the melting core of sexual experience and unifies the ending ("Trip, trap, trip, trap, got it runnin' down yo leg") with the beginning ("Every single rub, baby kick back"), in an intensely pleasurable uroboros ritual. You might expand your foreplay bubble and retract your actual-play bubble, or do it the other way around, it doesn't matter. For Chris, this perverted yin-yang doesn't fret when one star of the show bursts open it's contents before the supernova even steps into role.

"4Play" is unique, and it's dance can only be captured in an album called "Big Ole Me", a pinata of what tricks and trades a refined artist like Chris Echols may share with the world. Check it out: