News - New song from American rock band Spoken: Falling Apart. New album to be released in a month

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You'll have been long fallen in love with this new song before you'll ever hear those marvelous "Let me be a part of your world". You, like us, will probably fall in love with the song from the first riffs. It truly starts off like something you don't wanna pause for one second.

The song's off "Breathe Again", Spoken's newest album, that's going to air on the 11th of December, 2015, via Artery Records. Support them on Merch: remember, Merch is where you can pre-order and help the guys, and any band, for that matter, fulfill their (and your) musical dreams before having launched an album. You can help fund that album before it even comes out. That's the thing about Merch. It makes you take part of the whole thing.

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