News - Nicole Scherzinger adds lyrics to David Garrett's 2014 violin piece Serenity

Read the lyrics here Serenity.
Looking back on the song, one cannot concede that it was anything else but a tune meant to calm you, soothe your feelings, indulge you with the most sublime moments of relaxation. Pop singer and violin player David Garrett composed "Serenity" back in 2014 and interpreted the song in plenty European cities. You can listen to the song, the instrumental version, that is, in the youtube window below.

When and how Nicole took interest in the song is beyond our knowledge. What she did with the lyrics and the song is something close to what a major opera singer would have done with it. It's indeed meaningful and probably destined to be the soundtrack to some heart filling positive animation.

Listen to the Nicole version below, and be sure to check out and rate the lyrics on the upper part of this page