News - Preview Infinity, the newest song courtesy of One Direction

Read the lyrics here Infinity.

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Infinity is the newest song from One Direction, a Coldplay-ish tune with a marvelous crescendo that goes 4X4 straight to your heart and stirs that gravel to infinity. It's ideal backbone can send shivers down your spine: "How many nights have you wished someone would stay? [...] I never counted all of mine, if I tried, I know it would feel like infinity".

The band's talking about taking a break next year. A break. They don't mean a break-up, so that's just fine with us. Wait, there's an as long. As long as they don't leave us hanging with the new album. They announced "Made In The A.M.", their newest album, by means of a Twitter video, and it's going to drop, hopefully, on November the 13th.

Preview their newest song here ↧↧↧ and be sure to download it from our lyrics page, on the upper part of this page. Cheers!