News - New album out from bluegrass band Steep Canyon Rangers: Radio

Read the lyrics here Radio.

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Jerry Douglas and the Rounder label company produced Steep Canyon Rangers' ninth album, Radio, adding what seems to be more fiddle to the rhythm, more banjo, and a stunning new vocal performance from Ashley Campbell. We can remember Ashley from "Sweet Heaven When I Die", but her impressive solo career has made us turn an eye in that direction.

Bluegrass has never been this sophisticated, since these guys have an overall 10+ years in the business. They're unique, their genres range from folk, country, jazz to pop and blues. Their Steve Martin banjo collab back in the day still makes us wander at the fulgurant length at which an eye or an ear can miss these brilliant bands, if not for spokesmen turning them into brands. Thanks Steve Martin for that.

Check out Radio, because the boys have a lot of memorable songs lined up in this album. Plenty of solo time too. We'll stream a bit from the album here, but be sure to drop by on songs dot to, so you can hear the rest of the album. Cheers!