News - Fresh off Get Up, this is Bryan Adams' Brand New Day

Read the lyrics here Brand New Day.

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Brand New Day is surely a good, lively, bouncy song, as Get Up! was. It's a witty to and fro between man and woman. He wants liberty, she doesn't. He leaves, and then decides to call, but she can't take him back. The layer of electrons and neutrons circling that nucleus is absolutely astonishing, though, because the woman is played by Bonham Carter, and the man is Theo Hutchcraft, from Hurts. It's a black and white, jazzy looking kinda gig what they're doing, and it reminds me of what I imagined the 60' would have looked like on account of Thomas Pynchon, in the beginning of his novel V.

You can totally feel the tension between the two, and at one point, everything becomes grotesquely comic, just as the he character calls the her character to say "You could come down, I'll meet your train...". Funny ha ha, right? Saying that to someone who played in Fight Club? You haven't seen the movie, he character!

Leave your comments on facebook. Isn't 55 year old Bryan Adams hot? I think he is! That's, honestly, the most beautiful 50+ band I've ever seen! Way to go!