News - How is Ugly, the new song by Arizona singer Drew, so damn beautiful?

Read the lyrics here Ugly.

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This is another song that uplifts the minority (the small, the unwanted, the unloved, the socially denied, the undistinguished, the unfollowed, the unfriended, the group outcasts, the lone, the solitary). When I say another, I don't mean that it's ordinary. When I say minority, I mean that only few people are targeted for social expelling, and that's for a small period of time. When I enumerate the minority, I don't approve categorizing people. I wish we'd all stop taking appearance as a worthwhile criteria when making friends.

The song's great, and it's exactly what people that feel ugly need. We do this to ourselves, most of the times. We are ugly, ok, but wallowing in the ugly state only lengthens the effects. People have an innate desire to torment the scared, to pursue the withdrawing, to point at the consciously ugly. I've always told my friend missing a back-bone, "everybody's scared of something; you, more than others, show fear, and others take advantage of that". Someone who's ugly can reduce the pain of social critic by not paying so much attention to beauty. It sounds silly, but it's easier that the change came from you, than it is to change a whole world. Songs like this can change the world, sure, but it may take some time. Instead, what socially degraded people HAVE been doing for the longest of time is exactly what I said. Deviate their own attention from their flaw. That's why the vast majority of ugly people are really smart, that's why the vast majority of fat people are really funny and interesting. They've tried to compensate their so called "flaws" in different areas of life, and it's working.

Try Drew out, see if her "induced blinding towards ugly" works. If it doesn't, consider the other method. Any way you'll have it, remember this: there are friends out there :)

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