News - Everything you need to know about Got Your Six, the new Five Finger Death Punch album

Lyrics for the whole album :
- complete lyrics for Boots and Blood;
- complete lyrics for Got Your Six;
- complete lyrics for Wash it All Away;
- complete lyrics for Ainít My Last Dance;
- complete lyrics for My Nemesis;
- complete lyrics for No Sudden Movement;
- complete lyrics for Question Everything;
- complete lyrics for Digging My Own Grave;
- complete lyrics for Question Everything;
- complete lyrics for Hell to Pay;
- complete lyrics for Meet My Maker.
Five Finger Death Punch have been in our hearts ever since they shot the video for "Jekyll and Hyde". In that video, they carefully portray metal's everlasting anguish of having to shoot videos on behalf of the sweeping and charging music companies. Metal bands never wanted to be puppets and film little clips in which they play and act and dance and dress up for the audience. It's what big labels have always been requesting of rock bands ever since Burzum, and their vow never to perform on stage. Labels promised openness to the public in exchange for concerts. In regular cases, labels offered the same thing in exchange for puppetry. Many accepted it, but Five Finger Death Punch made a game of sarcasm out of their requested video. You can check that out here:

Their new album is set to drop on the 28th of August, but we have it, and you can download each song from the lyrics pages we provided on top of this page. There's a short url at the end of each page that leads you to where another click can make their songs yours. :)

The album's called "Got Your Six", like their 1st song in the album, and we cannot find one single song we didn't like. Furthermore, we couldn't pick out a favorite... that's how good they are. See for yourselves, and give us some feedback on our facebook page whenever you feel like it :D