News - Ne-Yo remastered his song Jealous

Read the lyrics here Jealous (Stargate Remix).

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His song's called Jealous(Stargate Remix). It's been over the web for some two months or so, but jams dot to brought us a newer version, in a way better quality. It could be considered a rip-off of Nick Jonas' "Jealous", but it's got its own Ne-Yo touch, and it's R&B!

You'll definitely approve with Ne-Yo's intransigent demeanor regarding his loved one: he's caught singing that he won't let the wind steal her perfume, nor let the sun shine on her face, because none of the elements and no-one in the world could love her like he does. That's kinda nice, if you're not taking the whole thing too literal. Not letting the sun shine on her face would mean keeping her confined somewhere underground. What a thought, right? :) No, this song is obviously a smooth love declaration, and we listen to it without taking things too literal. Go ahead and give it a play: