News - Goodbye We Are Mexico say hello to the new Becky G Break A Sweat

Read the lyrics here Break A Sweat.

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Some say her latter masterpiece was Shower, but we've been here when she dropped "We Are Mexico" (which, btw, was a blast) and "Dodger Blue" (which, if you remember --> we didn't really like). It's amazing how she didn't get that LP out! It's been years, come on! We're dying here!

Instead of the LP, what does she do? She releases an awesome song that's probably gonna keep our ears busy for another couple of months. Yes, "Break A Sweat", is a keeper. That boom-clap in the beginning is every cheerleader's dream, isn't it? I go bananas over it because it totally reminds me of Gwen Stefani's eat bananas scene from "Hollaback Girl". Going all the way in a relationship, no set-backs, no draw-backs, no limits, is totally how someone should go down. "If you're gonna get my body, betta blow my mind". DAMN RIGHT! That's the whole of woman emancipation right there! People that don't have that straight better get a library pass and start reading on some Stendhal, Alain de Botton, Ortega y Gasset. Good song! I'm not even gonna babble on any longer. Here it is!