News - An electric freestyle from Raz Simone: Charged Up

Read the lyrics here Charged Up.

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The man uses his new Tesla electric car and his likewise charged up battling prowess to diss some rappers here and there (Chance the Rapper would be one of them), and to make a stand and discourage weak performers. He doesn't diss the fans with this, no. His own words, from the song:

"I know you rap, I know you thinkin' fo' the fans
But what the fuck else is it that you do?!"

He's basically attacking false pretenses. Most rappers are. You're not who you pretend to be, I can hear most of them saying on the track.

Raz sure is coming on strong. He's the prototype artist, just like his car is a prototype from Tesla. Both of them are chill af. He delivers these "Rabbit leaves Papa Doc speechless" kinda lines with no effort. He's that still player of piano, or that sculptor that show no effort in their craft. All the pain and struggle needs to be where fans cannot see it, right?, in the booth, when practicing, and so on.

He invokes God a couple of times, and proclaims himself Noah's Flood. I can attest to that. Listen to the song, and see what YOU think: