News - Iron Maiden have never sounded more like in the 80s

Read the lyrics here Speed Of Light.

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Doesn't "Speed Of Light" remind you, just with the title, of "Painkiller"? Faster than a bullet? Speed, baby! The guitars are great, the production is being led by Kevin Shirley(who produced Black Crowes and Dream Theater, among others), Bruce Dickinson's voice was decent(I can't believe I'm pronouncing that name without chuckling to the memory of that SNL More Cowbell sketch).

Their new album is The Book Of Souls, as you can very well see in our preview on the upper left side, and Speed of Light is downloadable from itunes whence you pre-order. It shouldn't be a long wait (I believe the 4th of September is the new album's release date), and we're sure to have at least one more teaser off this album.

Track promoted via their official youtube channel, via Parlophone Records in Europe, Asia and Australia, and through BMG in the US. Stay tuned for the full album and the complete lyrics. Cheers