News - Every girl wants to be a gold medal, goes Megan Nicole

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She doesn't say it. Her song says "Silver Medal", I don't wanna be your silver medal, but that's what she obviously means. I find it really rational and just to ask for your human rights this way. We want respect because we deserve it. We want boys to monogamous as we are with friendships. We ask each friend out at a time, when we're in the company of more than one friend, we don't blatantly state that one friend is a friend, and the other isn't, and we sure don't invite two friends to the party and ignore one completely. Monogamy is a common courtoisie philosophy. Love differs from friendships because we know that love engulfs the heart and brain's full resources. One cannot love two with the same amount of affection. It's a fact, and that's why, we should be even more courteous when it comes to lovers. Don't hang medals on a wall. Don't take trophies. Don't be shallow, that's what this song is saying.

No, we don't want to be a second best item!
No, we're not who you call when you're bored/no-one else answers!
No, it's not grandma calling!

The song is exquisite! We wallowed in it for some very pleasurable 20 minutes, and it will surely be a favorite in our list. Check it out, support it!