News - Sophisticated, versatile, dreamy - Bridget Kelly's new album, "Summer of 17"

Read the lyrics here Not Afraid.

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I love the way Bridget Kelly doesn't transcend that R&B genre in this new album that's just been released. She doesn't take her voice all the way to that soul music pitch, she never takes it down to "sex talk", which is more of pop music's turf, she doesn't go onto that border that's neatly indicated by a "slash" when people say R&B/Hip-hop. Used to be sung mainly by the same color of people, but hello, we categorize music according to different criteria! If color would be a criteria, we would have had R&B/Hip-hop/Soul/Jazz. No rapper would transcend that "slash" barrier, as well as no R&B player wouldn't make that mistake.

She's neatly (I'll use the word again) covering the love nerve inch by inch and playing with some intense feelings while she's at it. She didn't want to keep it in one tone of heart, so she made a song about crazy, inexorable love ("Head Over Heels"), a song about re-discussing love and mingling with that realm of possibility ("Maybe"), a song about making the best out of life / fun, life, living ("My Kinda Life"), one about independence and the sheer power a woman has over her life ("Not Afraid"), and finally, one about the weakness a woman feels for that man she can call Mr. Right ("Run After You"). So you, see, it's not linear, the album manifests freely, as much as a heart manifests on its own.

A tour will be on the way for Bridget, so be sure to be in Washington DC in two days from now, and in New York on the 13th of August. She's gone independent, so she needs all the support we, the fans, can give her. :D

We're sharing one song off this album with you guys, you can find the whole album on the same site we're linking you up with over here: