News - James Fauntleroy's new song, Magic, is just that!

Read the lyrics here Magic.

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You couldn't have ever, ever, imagined two of the simplest lines in music to have such a good vibe, and express so many mixed emotions:

"Met this girl on the internet /
Now we're sharing a cigarette"

It doesn't sound like much, right? Well, I can guarantee spine shivers, eargasms, or whatever else your body feels when you (s)experience (it is like sex, amiright?) good quality music.

James's been putting out other new songs, so check out "Who Are You", "Running Through Red Lights", "Breakthrough_Goodday" and "Sex High (ashes on the moon)". They're all really fancy, respectful towards women, really romantic, almost psychedelic at times. I listen to them while wearing my Havana Loca shirt. For real :-|

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