News - Jordin Sparks' euphemistic title for her new song: They Don't Give

Read the lyrics here They Don't Give.

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"They Don't Give" has been released over a month ago. We didn't have the full song, though. We had a snippet. The whole song is out, and we're forced to make a recap.

Since 2012 Jordin has been systematically using one word in her songs, and it's becoming tiresome. It's been three years since "Celebrate", with Whitney Houston, came out and Jordin Sparx is still using that word that surprises me each time with its stupidity: "hate".

She uses hate five or six times in "They Don't Give". Because of the verse "Sometimes we just want the ones we love to love the ones that we love!", we kinda have an idea of what's "goin zone" round here. It's a song about family disapproving with a love affair. Why? Because "they don't give an ef... about us (the lovers)". Using fuck like that, and using hate so many times, ruins this song. So what Jordin Sparks thinks is that family, the people that fell in love, married, stayed together for so many years and made and raised you "don't give a fuck about love"?! They do! They give a fuck about their son/daughter, and they care so much(there we go, we used care instead of fuck, and it's way more loquacious, it says way more, than "give a fuck")that they don't want their kin to get hurt. The decisive gesture, the final decision, belongs to the person in question, and not to the parents. But their disapproval shows care, consideration, a great deal of thought, and cannot be contrived to "don't give a fuck".

About hate. Can't people still use envy or disapproval? Is all the internet seriously thinking that each and everyone is an emotional impulsive incoherent animal that can only crave for whatever object and success someone may have? That's pretty absurd, isn't it? Negative responses come to greet negative demeanor and negative statements. It's necessary that they do, otherwise you could say goodbye to rational thought and critical awareness. If Snoop Dogg sings a song about niggers(he does, even if he says niggas, and not niggers, even if he's black while saying it, it's not ok that anyone should use it; it's a ticking bomb, and it's racist that a certain race should have words that only they can use; that only steepens the cliff between races more) and bitches, and smoking and fucking, then I'd say that is a really insulting song, but then immediately I'm labeled a hater. That's how stupid the word's being used, and that's how blind people are to the original negativity, the one that provoked and started the critical negativity.

I remember Ben Affleck on Bill Maher's show, claiming that criticizing the Islamic world is wrong. The way men treat women there, the way religious activists treat children, and so on, of course we can criticize them. Of course they're the bad guys, and not the ones that criticize them.

Further use of the word hate only proceeds at wrongfully simplifying a human feeling that can occupy any semantic position between envy, disapproval, critical response, anger, fear, loath, desire, lust, neglect, and even care and consideration.