News - Does Mariette Hansson's new song, 'My Revolution' , refer to gays?

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Well, yes, but no. She's referring to everyone. Her main purport is "equality between all human beings". Where did this come from? The video shows it with a bit of a mastermind hit, if you ask me: we are all very very different; the video shows a lot of different people, just as Michael Jackson's 'Black & White' did, fat, skinny, men, women, old, young, a diversity only comparable with natural diversity.

Diversity calls for understanding. If we'd start stomping on Trochetiopsis ebenus, a beautiful flower that only has two wild individuals left on top of Mount Helena, we'd be killing ourselves, promoting a kind of indifference and hatred that someday might be directed at us.

Swedish singer Mariette's song is really something of an intellectual delight. Apart from her obvious vocal qualities, Mariette inserts some not so clear symbols. Jesus was a revolution, because He changed the epistema that was popular in the first year AC: Judaism and more than a few countries that practiced polytheism. Figure that Mariette's "revolution" is addressed towards the "skies". Her anthropocentric message is "I think it's my time. She also adds that "times have changed". These all seem to be anti-creationist attacks. She's otherwise saying that the Bible, that which forbade homosexuality, let's say, is a really old book, a book that doesn't get any smarter as the years go by, excuse my French. A book that only fools could more credulously believe in on account of tradition. Ra, Thor, other pagan gods had tradition, sacred texts, worshipers. That never stopped anybody from not believing in them.

Furthermore, Mariette mentions in her first verse that "it was a Tuesday". Let us not forget that Tuesday comes from the Old English/Germanic Tiwesdaeg, "day of Tiw", the Germanic God of War. Latins have a more common god that pictures Tuesday: Mars, also God of War. Who is Mariette warring with here? The common belief that we all must be the same.

My objection? Great song, great message, needs more thought. We are all different on the outside. When talking homosexuality, let's say, we're of course talking human nature (Mariette's quote: "No more denial, got to stay true to what I feel"), but are humans all that? Their sexual orientation? I feel gays need to be accepted faster, so we can move out of the translucent battlefield area we're in right now. We need to treat them equally, yes, but we need to see if inner leveling isn't better than inner specialization? Do we all need to be different on the inside? Morally, psychologically? All humanity, from written history until now has been based on that principle. We need to be the same, soul-wise. That's why colonizing was made, that's why Jesus came along. Of course educating "savage" Africa and polytheist India during the World Wars was a harsh thing to do, but cannibalism, public stoning, female persecution and tribal killing wasn't such an easy truth to accept either. Humanity couldn't sit with it's hands folded and say "well, we have to accept each other".

These are different times, but values still exist. Since democracy, Satanist Churches have started to claim right and be accepted in a more marketable position in society. Quick shift to homosexual right: will zoophile-rights be re-imposed soon? They're human too. We're so afraid to put pedophilia into that same reasoning machine because that would take the bread out the legal basket. But isn't pedophilia tampering with a child's "normal" course of life? Isn't pedophilia wrong because you're imposing sex life, what normally occurs in a person's life when he's mature, onto a child that needs to gain moral values and life attitudes and information when he's, let's say, 10 years old? Well, homosexuals adopting children is a safe analogy! You confiscate a child from birth and you put into his head the idea that man - man / female - female relationships are good, when he has the Oedipus complex and the Elektra complex written into his genes! When he's dependent of that mother milk. When he's highly dependent on that father figure (great advocate for latter life moral attitude). When adopted children go through strong psychological trauma when they find out they're adopted. I need to know what children go through when they know that they're adopted by two men, or two women. The psychological response must be different. I need to know if a child CAN be raised to psychological independence by a gay couple. What about if it's raised by a drag queen couple, or a hermaphrodite couple. Science needs to dig into this before we sing hymns and say that acceptance is the best thing.