News - Manila Luzon singing a song about what? Licking genitals?

Read the lyrics here Ice Cream.

Other great songs :
- complete lyrics for This Body;
Ice Cream, in this song, is to be understood as Red from the animated series "Cow and Chicken" understood it: I ... SCREAAAAAAAM! David Feiss sure had some cracks on behalf of gay people, but the theme song kinda expresses something in light of what we call today gay eulogy: "Dad was proud, and he didn't care how!"

What's that mean to you?

What's this video mean to you? People are digging it, especially now, since gay marriage is ok. But is this "For Sparta!" battle cry really what the ones that accepted the law really expect from the LGBT community? In Europe, many of my gay friends told me that drag queens are really what makes even them be ashamed of their sexuality. They told me it's taking it too far, and I accept that. Satire and theatricality are rarely a good way out of such a culminating quarrel between hetero-homo, or even religious-homo partisans.

As cool as this video is, maybe it's too much? I'll let you guys decide :D