News - Eric Bellinger kept 3 new songs a secret. Forget Cuffing Season, this is hotter!

Read the lyrics here What You Deserve.

Other great songs :
- complete lyrics for The Way You Are;
- complete lyrics for Rewind;
- complete lyrics for Too Bad;
Three tracks were just released by Eric Bellinger. Let me remind you that his Cuffing Season was released on July the 17th, and that since then it seems that he's been on the run. He might have had these three songs up his sleeve for a while now, but hey, we're glad to have them and present you with the lyrics for :

"What You Deserve" - a song with a twist. Giving her what she deserves, in the first part of the song, meant payback, and it slowly turned into an "if clause"; if you do me right, if you act accordingly, I'mma give you what you deserve. Now ain't that nice? There's a weird expression twist in there too, when Eric says "Treat me like a queen, I'll treat you like a king". Weird, huh?

"The Way You Are" - after Eric's made quite a bit of lobby on behalf of this girl that's super bad, beautiful, smart, appealing in every way, he goes on saying that he likes her just the way she is, even though he admitted to liking her for WHAT she is, and not regardless of what she isn't. The rhythm is really buggy too, it seems to me he's listened to some old Hanson songs and now he's singing under that influence.

"Rewind" - a really classy song. Beat's great, delivery is awesome, I danced while listening to it, but are the words really saying something right? It's talking about rumor, and how you can't do much to stop rumor. Well, can't you? I mean, rumor is based on intuition, observation, and most of the times, more rumor/info-retail. What you could do is teach people that they should never take it on evidence what others tell you. They might have done the same thing with another one's info, and that's how information gets distorted, like that really cool game called Chinese whispers. You can confront them on their presumptions and debate whatever they're saying about you. That's the rational way to go about it. People use intuition and scientific observation all the time. You see a bum in the street, drinking, wanking and talking trash, you have a fair idea who he is. You don't need to know him in order to judge him. I would say you "know" enough. One way of preventing rumors is behaving properly. If you're gonna have one night stands, then yeah, rumors will fill the news about that. Discussion is mainly the best way of preventing false rumors, but meh, Eric would rather keep it in the obscure "It really ain't much that you can do" area, and then resort to uttering Tutankhamen's curse: "what goes around comes around"... oooooooh!