News - Lumidee - Be Good featuring Dave East

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I can't really listen to songs that have the same names as other songs. There are plenty, plenty, of such songs. Like there are literally 30 songs a day that contain the verb "do". When I hear "Be Good", I always think of Johnny B. Goode, I'll Be Good, Be Good (Lion's Song), "Be Good" by Waxahatchee, and so on.

I was waiting on a monumental track (if it has a recurrent name, let it at least be brilliant with the word-play, the beat, the voice). It's not that, but it's still a good-ish late-summer song that could be played here and there until it's completely lost into musical oblivion. Lumidee's name hasn't popped up very much since "Never Leave You", so this (as well as every new song she puts out) should be like a comeback, or at least a desire to reach that standard from "Never Leave You". Hope a lot of that comes from Lumidee in the future.