News - A ladies' song that no man can say isn't good: Sweet California - Wonder Woman

Read the lyrics here Wonder Woman.

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Songs like these make you wonder if women couldn't do anything with us. I'm one step ahead you guys, asking myself if they AREN'T already doing what they want with us.

It's an invitation for women to use their superpowers, which, as we know it, have always been purrrsuation PLUS other meowticulous convincing techniques, sensuality/seducing, grace, voice, eye flutter, tender touches, the power to make a 6.5 man crawl under a door mat with just one look, irrational logic(that's practically proving everything without having to prove anything), and so on.

The song features a really laid back(finally) intervention from Jake Miller, an intervention that doesn't steal the vibe from the girls' front of the stage, and kinda works the other way around, if you ask me. It makes the song more likable by contrast. Enjoy: