News - All Our Yesterdays, coming off Blackmore Night's tenth studio album

Read the lyrics here All Our Yesterdays.

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... which is to be released on September the 18th. The album's also called "All Our Yesterdays", and you can see how this slightly nostalgic, past-ridden song could be melodically and theme-wise above the other songs on this album. You can see how it made the cover. There are many other songs that share the same train of thought - we're not the same as we were, we're not as young, not as filled with violent energy - and out of all, I want to remember the country hit "Yesterday's Wine", by George Jones, and of course, my very favorite, "Those Were The Days" by Mary Hopkin.

The first time I ever heard about Blackmore's Night (and it was late in their musical career, shame on me), was with their 1997 "Wish you were here". That song literally made me despise Pink Floyd for choosing the same name for a song some 25 years before. For me, even though I already knew about Pink Floyd's song, even though it already had a separate, almost sacred place in my head, it hadn't the rhythm, the voice, the desperate cry, the perpendicular feeling of longing that Blackmore Night's "Wish you were here" had. I dare say I never listened to Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" since I found the second one.

What are your feelings on "All Our Yesterdays"? It has that bard/minstrel feeling, it's inviting us to forget our separatist nature, our age, our distance, our differences, our personalities, and just dance the night away, together, reaching out to our inner nature.

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