News - New song by Chief Keef and recently deceased Capo

Read the lyrics here Whoa.

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This ISO Beats produced song features some really repetitive and tiresome "whoa"s on the hook(which can be still named hook in the events of a real hook grappling you and hauling your ass off the stage).

Trap is not particularly customizable, because all you can do on the voice is brag about guns and bitches, and say you're going to shoot someone. That's why listeners are always looking for that beat, for that vibe that only a good blend of someone and melody can create in an innovative way.

The aspects I've talked about, the intense repetition, almost bored repetition, of "whoa", with that "I want to school to finish already" voice must have been what turned 21 people off. You heard it, 21 people voted either "meh" or "make it stop" on hotnewhiphop(I think 15 voted "make it stop"), and 16 voted "very hotttt".

That may be a problem, but I know keen listeners and unbiased fans like yourselves will still give this song a go and tell their honest opinion everywhere that they can. Peace, and RIP Capo!