News - 'Broke', the new single off Joe Budden's October 9th upcoming album

Read the lyrics here Broke.

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It doesn't have anything to do with being broke. As you may well know, Joe prefers song names in the third participle, like Broke, Sidetracked, Stained, and so on. It's broke, it's a nonstandard past-participle, and it alludes to a state of thing in which a heart finds itself right after a colossal shake-down, when the memory of the betrayal is still fresh, when the words are slipping off each of the former lovers' lips like water, like rain, uncontrollable, when the heart releases every feeling with great emotional turbulence. These two stanzas and a bridge are just that.

Joe assures "hardcore Joe Budden fans" that "This(his new album) is the opposite spectrum of my last album, No Love Lost". That's something worth waiting for. October 9th, people.